Protect our JOBS&RIGHTS through Brexit and Beyond

Jobs and rights are at stake in Brexit.

UK jobs and businesses large and small are dependent on trade with Europe - if Brexit makes it harder to trade with Europe, jobs will be at risk.

So many of the rights at work we rely on are guaranteed by our membership of the EU, including: rights for families, like time off for antenatal care for mums-to-be, the right to your job being protected during maternity leave, and time off for parents to care for children; the right to time off work - limits on the working week and a Europe-wide guarantee of at least 4 weeks' paid holiday; equal rights for all workers, full time, part time, or employed through an agency; protection of pay and conditions if your employer is taken over by another company; basic employment rights, like written terms and conditions and the right to be consulted about changes at work.

As the UK negotiates Brexit, Theresa May and her Government will have to make choices about their priorities.

Will they insist on full access to the single market, to protect the many jobs that depend on our trade with the EU? Or will they accept that access being restricted, or subject to tariffs, putting those jobs at risk?

Will they guarantee each and every one of our rights at work, now and in the future? Or will they leave open the possibility they could be unpicked, one by one by governments in the years to come?

he vote for £leave£ was not a vote to put our jobs and rights at risk. That£s why we£re calling for:       Full, tariff-free access to       the single market,      protecting the many jobs       that are dependent on our      ability to trade with       Europe.      Full protection in law for       each and every      workplace right that      comes from Europe,       through Brexit and       beyond.      A guarantee that Brexit       will not mean UK      workers£ rights fall       behind those of European       workers - if the EU       strengthens rights, so       should we.

Add your name now to call on Theresa May and her Government to protect our jobs and rights, through Brexit and beyond.


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