The Tories want to be in power for a generation, and are fixing the system to make that happen. They’re making it harder to register to vote, and are redrawing the Parliamentary map in a way that benefits them.

But that’s not all. Hidden in the Trade Union Bill is a clause that is deliberately designed to cut off trade unions’ financial support for the Labour Party - while doing nothing to limit the hedge funds and millionaires that support the Tories. This will create an overwhelming funding imbalance in our political system overnight.

The Lords have rejected parts of the Bill, but we must keep the pressure up to ensure the Commons do too. Add your name to the petition now.





Add your name now.

We’re campaigning to stop the Trade Union Bill, and to protect working people’s voice at work and in politics. Clause 10 is a political attack on the Opposition by the Government. They are removing existing membership of union political funds from 5 million people, with the deliberate aim of disadvantaging the Labour Party at election time. This is an attack on our democracy and must be stopped.