unionstogether produce a range of resources to help activists strengthen relationships between local Labour Parties and trade unions.

TULO Handbook

The handbook is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to building better links between the Labour Party and the Trade Unions at a local level.


The handbook is also available as a series of bite-sized factsheets.

Factsheet 1: TULO - An Overview
Factsheet 1 explains how the link between the Labour Party and the affiliated Trade Unions works from a national level to the constituency level.

Factsheet 2: CLP TULO Officers & TULO Coordinators
Factsheet 2 explains the roles of CLP TULO Officers and TULO Coordinators, including a model job description.

Factsheet 3: Auditing involvement and building links
Factsheet 3 explains how you discover what links your CLP already has and how to build links with the trade unions in your area.

Factsheet 4: Organising events
Factsheet 4 explains all the steps you need to undertake in order to run a successful event for trade union members.

Factsheet 5: Working with elected representatives
Factsheet 5 explains how you can raise the profile of Labour’s elected representatives amongst local trade union members.

Factsheet 6: Recruitment
Factsheet 6 explains how to run a campaign to recruit trade union members to the Party.

Factsheet 7: Constituency Development Plans
Factsheet 7 explains how Constituency Development Plans work.

Factsheet 8: Campaigning for Labour with trade unions
Factsheet 8 explains how you can involve trade unions in campaigning with the Labour Party.


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