May 22. We vote. We decide.

whose side are they on?

Cameron’s Conservatives are standing up for bankers. Cameron and Osborne have taken the EU to court to stop a new tough cap on bankers’ bonuses. 

Labour. On your side.

Labour supports a tough cap on bankers’ bonuses.

whose side are they on?

Cameron’s Conservatives are letting young people down. This Tory-led Government is refusing to sign up to a Europe-wide Jobs Guarantee for young people. 

Labour. On your side.

Labour backs a Youth Jobs Guarantee with a real paid job for all those under 25 who’ve been out of work for a year.

whose side are they on?

Cameron’s Conservatives are attacking our rights at work. The Tories want to renegotiate the UK’s relationship with the EU, so that some British business can ‘opt out’ of the rights at work we get from Europe. Rights like four weeks’ paid leave, time off for pregnant mums to go to ante-natal appointments, and equal treatment for agency workers.

Labour. On your side.

Labour’s MEPs have fought hard to protect the rights at work that are guaranteed for all working people in Europe.

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The truth about UKIP?

Want job security or a contract? Take a pay cut! UKIP think job security is a luxury that you should pay for with lower wages.

Maternity pay? Who needs it! UKIP would scrap the right to maternity leave for women working for small businesses, and cut maternity pay by more than half.

Our NHS up for sale to the highest bidder. UKIP would hand the whole of our NHS to private companies. From ambulances to hospital wards, services would be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

Tax cuts for the richest, and tax hikes for the rest! UKIP would introduce a flat rate of tax, raising taxes for the poorest tax-payers, while the rich would pay much less. UKIP would also scrap rules that prevent tax avoidance by big companies.

Paid holidays? Sick pay? Scrapped. UKIP would scrap your legal right to four weeks' paid holidays. They’d also scrap other rights, like fixed working hours, pay when you’re ill, or redundancy pay.

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