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Unions Together is the campaigning voice of the 15 trade unions that are part of the Labour Party.


Over a hundred years ago, it was trade unionists who founded the Labour Party to give co-ordinated support to Parliamentary candidates who would speak up for working people.

That relationship has remained strong for over a century. Thanks to the special bond that the Labour Party has with the trade union movement, our Party is still uniquely placed to speak up for working people.

Together, the 15 affiliated trade unions bring the voices of almost 3 million union members to the heart of the Labour Party.

In communities across the country, Labour and trade union members campaign together on issues that matter to all of us. From saving our NHS, to defending jobs, to speaking up for our rights at work – together, the labour movement is stronger when we are campaigning together.

We campaign for the Labour Party because we believe that hard-working people are better off with a Labour Government. And we campaign within the Labour Party because we want to help make sure that Labour stands up for the needs of our members.

Together, we bring the voices of 3 million working people to the heart of the Labour Party - and we want yours to be the next voice that we represent.

Join our campaign today.

Subject to funding we are currently recruiting two new positions at the unionstogether office in London. Application is by CV, all applications should be sent to felicity@unionstogether.org.uk.

The deadline for applications is 5pm on Thursday 6th November.

Campaigns Officer (Digital)

Campaigns Officer (Events)


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    Byron Taylor, National Officer @byrontaylor74

    ByronByron has been the National Officer of TULO since 2002. His role is to ensure that the voice of the trade unions is heard inside the Labour Party and to bring the trade union movement together in support of the Labour Party in elections.

    It was through his work that the Labour Party and the trade unions concluded the 2004 and 2008 Warwick Agreements, two landmark policy agreements covering employment, industry, pensions and public services that formed parts of the General Election manifesto in 2005 and 2010.

    Under his stewardship TULO has led on a number of major campaigns around employment issues including Agency Workers, Redundancy Pay, Women's pensions, and currently the your rights at work campaign which seeks to highlight the importance of secure employment and the efforts of the Coalition to remove employment protections. He writes regularly on employment and trade unions, and has contributed to the Guardian.

    Prior to his current role, Byron was a regional officer for an affiliated trade union, working in manufacturing and aerospace industries in the South West. His major successes included a Europe-wide campaign against factory closures and a landmark court case that significantly extended redundancy consultation protection rights.

    Married with two children, he lives in Basildon where he is also Deputy Leader of Basildon Labour Group.



    Helen Pearce, Head of Campaigns and Communication @helen__pearce


    Helen leads on campaigning work, including the your rights at work campaign, opposing the Coalition’s attack on employment rights and working people.

    She has co-ordinated unionstogether’s campaigns on a broad range of issues over the years, from the NHS Alert campaign, opposing the Health and Social Care Bill, to the Hands Off Our Pensions campaign, challenging the Coalition’s attack on women’s pensions.

    She also manages TULO’s regional structure, working with trade union officials in all the regions to strengthen the link between the Party and the trade unions at a local level.

    Helen got involved in politics and campaigning when she was at university, as Women’s Officer for the University of London Union, and then as Vice President of the National Union of Students. She worked on advocacy, media and campaigning for charity Alcohol Concern, before joining TULO in 2006. She has a degree in Humanities that she gained studying part-time at the Open University, specialising in Modern European History and Culture.  

    Helen is passionate about increasing women’s representation in the Labour Party and in wider politics, and is Secretary of Labour Women’s Network. In 2010, she was one of the founders of the Lead for Women campaign, successfully calling on all Labour's Leadership candidates to set out their plans to increase women's representation in the Party.

    Helen lives in South East London, has just become a school governor, and dabbles in musical theatre in her spare time.



    Felicity Appleby, Campaigns & Political Officer @felicityappleby


    Felicity works on campaigns and research across a wide range of areas, and also co-ordinates political education work.

    After working in hospitality whilst studying for her first degree she became the manager of a bar and restaurant in Edinburgh. She has also worked at London's Tate Modern where she organised outreach events and courses to encourage people aged 13- 23 to visit the gallery.

    Felicity later worked in Slovakia for Habitat for Humanity International, where she created an outreach and education programme to raise awareness of poverty, housing, and homelessness across Europe and Central Asia. She then went on to work for a campaigns consultancy where she ran campaigns across the UK, raising money for charity: she successfully raised well over a million pounds. Shaped by her experiences at work and her passion to make a difference, she joined Ken Livingstone’s election campaign in 2011, and then went on to join TULO.  She maintains a passion to campaign for rights at work.

    Felicity holds a Masters degree in Philosophy from Edinburgh University; after leaving Edinburgh she went on to study part-time at the Open University, gaining a post-graduate certificate in Business, Human Rights Law and Corporate Social Responsibility. During her postgraduate studies Felicity focussed on the application of human rights to a business context, including labour standards, business and corruption, corporate manslaughter and the monitoring and enforcement of international labour laws in an increasingly globalised world.

    Outside work Felicity enjoys reading, arguing with the news and travelling. 



    Melanie Bartlett, Campaigns Co-ordinator  


    Melanie started at unionstogether in March 2014 as an intern, and was appointed Campaigns Co-ordinator in September 2014. She supports TULO’s campaigning and event organisation and manages social media communications.

    Melanie became involved in politics after completing an apprenticeship in the Leader’s Office at Barking and Dagenham Council. After four years as PA to the Cabinet, most of which was served a shop steward and equalities officer, she stood for office and is now a Councillor in Dagenham.

    Over the past few years, Melanie has been part of various campaigns within her trade union and locally. Amongst other things, she has campaigned for fair access to housing for young people and against the NHS cuts, but cares most passionately about challenging inequality at its core.

    Melanie currently studies Social Science at Birkbeck. Throughout the course, she has enjoyed learning about the contradictions of our society and gaining the evidence to challenge them.

    In her spare time, Melanie enjoys reading anything to do with people (minus celebrity biographies!) and dancing.



    Our elected officers

    Paul Kenny, Chair of TULO @GMB_union

    PaulPaul is the General Secretary of the GMB union and has been since 2006. .

    Since being elected as the GMB General Secreatry Paul Kenny has presided over an unprecedented increase in the growth of GMB membership, by setting up a National Organising Department that has increased the membership.

    Paul Kenny was the GMB London Regional Secretary from 1991 and has been actively involved in the union for most of his working life. Paul started work at the age of 15 at Fuller’s Brewery in Hammersmith and later worked as an apprentice gas fitter. It was when he moved to work for Hammersmith Council as a park keeper that he first became active in the union. In 1979 he started working for GMB as a full time official.

    Paul’s motivation comes from a strong opposition to injustice at work and a desire to fight for low paid workers. This is couples with a belief that he can make a difference and has the ability to recruit others to the cause.

    Billy Hayes, Vice-Chair of TULO @BillyHayes_CWU

    BillyBilly is the General Secretary of the Communication Workers Union (CWU).

    Born in Liverpool, Billy became an apprentice fitter welder for a number of years after leaving school, he also worked at John West Foods. After taking a six month breaking hitchhiking around Europe he joined the Post Office as a postman in 1974 and became a member of the union on his first day.

    As a lay activist for 18 years, Billy took on several different duties within the Liverpool Arnal Branch – including branch organiser, unit representative, are representative and branch secretary. In 1992 he was elected as a divisional representative and served on the executive council. Four months later Billy was elected as assistant secretary for the outdoor section of the postal department, responsible for delivery staff, cleaners and cash carrying.

    In 2001, after nine years in the role of assistant secretary, Billy was elected General Secretary of the CWU.

    In 2011 Billy was elected as world president of post and logistics for UNI Global, the international trade union organisation. Billy also serves as vice chair of the National Policy Forum of the Labour Party. Billy is a member of the TUC Executive Committee, TUC General Council and is spokesperson for the TUC on Europe.


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