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Unions Together campaigns for all working families on the issues that matter to working people.


his Tory Government are pushing forward with the biggest attack on our rights at work in a generation. Their response to this double dip recession, with millions out of work, is to make it easier to sack people.

The Tories accept millions of pounds from companies and millionaire donors. Donors like Paul Beecroft, who has given over half a million pounds to Conservative Head Office. That’s the same Paul Beecroft who was invited by Cameron to write a report about how to water down the rights that protect us at work.

The Tories are a Government for the 1%.

That’s why it’s crucial that working people - the 99% - unite to oppose this Government and the cuts to our rights and our public services.

Unions Together’s campaigners are standing up against this Government’s attacks on working people, and are working to make sure that they don’t get elected again.

And together, we bring the voices of 3 million people to the heart of the Labour Party.

Join our campaign today, and together we can fight back against the Tories., TULO and TULO's committee in your region may use the data you have supplied

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