About Unions Together

unionstogether is the campaigning voice for the 15 trade unions that are part of the Labour Party.

We campaign for the Labour Party because we believe that hard-working people are better off with a Labour Government. And we campaign within the Labour Party because we want to help make sure that Labour stands up for the needs of our members.

Together, we bring the voices of 3 million working people to the heart of the Labour Party. And we want yours to be the next voice that we represent. More>>

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  • 12.11.14 • Why I Back The Bill Who will fight for the NHS if not us? read more
  • 28.10.14 • ‘People Before Profits’ An NHS employee gives his reasons for getting behind the #BackTheBill campaign read more
  • 22.10.14 • ‘NHS Ambulance Contract Costs Soar’ Ambulance costs rise by up to 1000%, yet waiting times increase read more
  • 16.10.14 • ‘Every Worker Deserves Fair Pay’ Disabled Worker, James Stribley, strikes back at Lord Freud's 'Not worth £2hr' comment read more
  • 14.10.14 • ‘Why I support the NHS: Condition Critical Campaign’ The importance of fighting for our NHS, a nurse's perspective read more

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